Watch: ACTRAToronto@Home with ACTRA Toronto’s Voice Committee Chair and Vice-Chairs

Cory Doran

Scott Farley

Krystal Meadows

Next up, we introduce you to ACTRA Toronto’s Voice Committee Chair, Cory Doran, and its Vice-Chairs, Scott Farley and Krystal Meadows.

Watch David Gale interview the actors on Zoom. There are some of the usual freezes and snafus we have all by now experienced, but the actors have fun with it. You’ll find out how voice performers have fared during the pandemic and about the learning opportunities the committee has been providing for ACTRA Toronto’s voice performers.

Go Deeper

The interview references software and a few sites you may wish to explore further:

Source Connect Now is free high-quality, bi-directional streaming you can use from your Chrome web browser. It enables engagers to connect with and direct voice performers in real time while the performer records at home.

Ahab is Penguin Random House’s audiobook talent database.

And there’s a lot more on the Voice Committee’s page on our website.