We need representation.
We need authentic writing, opportunity, allies, and new ways forward. We need queer writers, screenwriters, casting agents and agents, producers, networks, and again…allies! So many untold stories.
We are here.
Bring us into casting rooms.
Queer Your Stories.
#lgbtq #queeryourstories

Cast (in alphabetical order): Kaitlyn Alexander, Savannah Burton, Martha Chaves, Andrew Cheng, Sedina Fiati, Sharon Forrester, Ryan G. Hinds, David Gale, Xavier Lopez, Kiley May, Kinley Mochrie, Adamo Ruggiero, Heath Salazar, Jo Vannicola

Written by Jo Vannicola and Sedina Fiati with contributions from outACTRAto, Tommie-Amber Pirie and the fabulous on-screen actors.
Director: Tommie-Amber Pirie
Director of Photography: Christina Borgs
1st AD: Mihaly Szabados
Producer: Sedina Fiati
Editor: Perrie Voss
Post Production: Kulwant Rajwans
Union Liaison: Gail Haupert
Executive Producer: David Gale
Sound Technician: Zee Thompson
Head Hair & Makeup: Kat Crisp
Hair & Makeup: De Anna Lenopoli
Set Photography: Leilah Dhoré
Production Angel: Deb McGrath

Special Thanks to Theresa Tova, Karl Pruner, Sue Milling, Richard Young, Andrew Simpson, Freda Merritt-Gambrill, Joanna Swan and the outACTRAto Committee.

From outACTRAto, ACTRA Toronto’s committee dedicated to raising awareness for LGBTQ+ performers