NCA Refresher: Audition Payments

Performers can be paid for NCA auditions under special circumstances.

Excess Wait for Audition Fee

If a performer must wait longer than one hour after their NCA audition call time, they will be compensated for all excess time over that one hour at the rate of $86/hour*, less deductions. For example:

  • The performer’s audition call time was 10 a.m. and they arrived on time.
  • They didn’t audition until 11:29 a.m.
  • Therefore, the performer waited 29 minutes over the one hour allowed waiting time and would be paid an Excess Wait Fee.

This fee will be paid usually within 20 business days. The engager or their payroll service processes the cheque.

Callback Fees

A performer is paid a $50* fee for every second and subsequent audition they do for the same role for the same NCA commercial (“callback”). Callback cheques from ACTRA are paid within 5 business days and are sent to the performer’s home address. This fee is non-commissionable.

Always Fill Out the Sign-In Sheets

It’s important to sign in and sign out for all NCA commercial auditions. You can’t get paid for callbacks or for auditions that last more than an hour if there is no record of you being there! Make sure ACTRA has your current address on file. 

*Dollar amounts may change when the NCA is re-negotiated every three years.

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