In Conversation with Ellie Moon

Ellie Moon stars as “Rosy” in director Karen Knox’s Adult Adoption, a levelFILM release. Photo: levelFILM

ACTRA Toronto recently spoke with Ellie Moon, writer and star of the upcoming film Adult Adoption, which is having a theatrical release at the Revue Cinema in Toronto on January 14, 2023, where the cast and crew will be in attendance. Enjoy our conversation with Ellie, and don’t miss Adult Adoption!

ACTRA: Tell us about Adult Adoption. As you were the writer, how did the idea for the film come to be?

Ellie: The idea for the film came to me while I was out for a walk one day. The idea originally was — what if there was something like a dating site that matched adults looking for parental guidance with adults looking to provide it? Then I got thinking about who the characters using that service would be and mapped out the story. I was really interested in making something about longing, that inverted the familiar trauma plot — in other words that was about the impact of what didn’t happen in your childhood, or life, rather than what did.

ACTRA: Talk about Rosy, the character you’re portraying in the film.

Ellie: Rosy aged out of the foster care system and has never had a real parental figure. She is capable and relatively successful in her adult life, but she longs for a parent.

ACTRA: What was it like to act in your own work? Did the story change or evolve throughout the production process?

Ellie: It was great. I was a bit worried that it would take a lot to get me out of my head, since I spent so much time in my head with the script. But it ended up being pretty easy to just let go and trust, because of (director Karen) Knox, and the wonderful team that worked on this. And the script/story didn’t change once we started production, no.

ACTRA: What does it mean to be an ACTRA member to you?

Ellie: That acting is my work and that I’m connected to a workforce of fellow actors. It is a privilege to do this work.

ACTRA: The film will be opening in Toronto on January 14. What’s next for the film and what’s next for you?

Ellie: The film will be screening in a number of other Canadian cities this month and next, including Vancouver, London and Winnipeg. The film will be released in the U.S. on Valentine’s Day and available on Apple TV and iTunes. At the end of February, it will then be available via VOD/Digital in Canada and elsewhere. (Director Karen) Knox and I will make our second feature film collaboration in 2023. I’m also currently developing projects with Davin Lengyl and with Jonas Chernick.