ACTRA Toronto@Work: Health Protocols, Set Safety and Vaccinations

Watch our newest episode of ACTRA Toronto@Work with Deb McGrath, Kim Todd, Alistair Hepburn and host Huse Madhavji.

We’re excited to announce our latest episode of ACTRA Toronto@Work, featuring our new host, performer Huse Madhavji!

Join Huse in a special roundtable discussion with an extremely knowledgeable and experienced panel which includes:

  • Deb McGrath – Performer and ACTRA Toronto Councillor
  • Kim Todd – President, Original Pictures and Co-Executive Producer, The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Alistair Hepburn – ACTRA Toronto’s Director of Film, Television and Digital Media and one of ACTRA Toronto’s reps on the COVID-19 committee for the film & TV industry’s Section 21 Health and Safety Committee

Deb, Kim, Alistair and Huse have an honest, thoughtful and insightful conversation about working in the film and TV industry in recent months, including how safety protocols have been on sets, the latest on COVID testing, advice for performers to maintain their personal health, and how vaccinations will play a role in the industry moving forward. You won’t want to miss this. Watch now!