ACTRA Toronto Committees: Join One Today!

Your union has many amazing committees, each working hard to advocate for the best possible working conditions, inclusivity, diversity and providing a sense of community. ACTRA Toronto committees are a fantastic way to get involved, learn the ropes and the ins and outs of the industry, forge connections and contribute to making your union stronger, no matter what stage of the membership you are in (AABP, Apprentice or Full Member). Change in the union often starts in committees (for example, the childcare program started in TAWC). Each committee meets regularly (via Zoom these days) to discuss and plan initiatives to benefit the membership, and each committee would benefit from having you on it! Consider joining. ACTRA Toronto committees are wonderful opportunities to get involved, get to know the membership better and collaborate with your peers.

Here is a brief breakdown of the currently active committees. Feel free to reach out via ACTRA Toronto’s Committee page to see how you can make contact with the committee that interests you.

ACTRA Additional Background Performer Committee – gives background performers (who are not Apprentice or Full members) a voice within the union, advocating to improve their working conditions

Apprentice Caucus – makes recommendations on issues of concern to Apprentices, including work opportunities, respect on set, preference of engagement and relationships with talent agents and casting directors

Archives & Legacy Committee – oversees a library of hundreds of hours of interviews, preserving the oral history of Canadian performers

Awards Committee – manages the peer jury process and produces the ACTRA Awards in Toronto

AYA (Act Your Age) – celebrates senior members, works to fight ageism and is a great resource for keeping skills facile and sharp

Conference Committee – plans two conferences per year, offering many professional development sessions alongside the annual general meeting

Diversity & Inclusion Committee – works at increasing opportunities for physically and culturally diverse members

Finance Committee – develops and reviews the budget

Green Committee – provides resources on green initiatives and encourages and engages members to help green the industry

outACTRAto – dedicated to raising awareness about all matters of concern to the LGBTQ+ performing community and aspires to increase their presence on screen

Parades Committee – organizes and encourages participation in the Labour Day parade (first Monday in September) and the Pride Parade (usually in June)

Stunt Committee – brings stunt coordinators and performers together to ensure and discuss best practices and on-set issues

Stunt Women’s Committee – open to all stunt performers who identify as women and non-binary

TAWC (Toronto ACTRA Women’s Committee) – explores key issues faced by female-identifying performers

Voice Committee – makes recommendations to Council on issues of concern for voice performers

YEAA (Young Emerging Actors Assembly) – for actors who play between the ages of 17-30. A powerful community for sharing resources, ideas, and promoting new stars to the Canadian star system

As you can see, there’s a committee for everyone. Find one that speaks to you, reach out and get involved! Enjoy your time on the committee and the camaraderie that ensues!

Christine (Chrissie) Topjian is a multilingual, diverse performer with experience in film, television, theatre and both improv and dramatic roles. She is also Executive Producer of Prospering Armenians and is an award-winning author of many books and e-books. You can read more about her at